{*Holi 2017*}Happy Holi Messages, Sms, Quotes, Images for Whatsapp Status 2017

Happy Holi Messages Sms Quotes Images for Whatsapp Status 2017 – hello guys and friends the awesome festival of India is comeing which is going celebrate on 13th march with happiness and this is the perfect time to change your social profile pics background cover Dp with holi status and also you have to update your status inbox of whatsapp with messages and quotes of holi festival 

which is listed above the line. We all know that the user of whatsapp are going increase daily as the day is passing and almost all school going or college going student used whatsapp as sharing their thoughts on whatsapp so holi festival is the perfect time when you need to update your whatsapp profile with happy holi Happy Holi Messages, Sms, Quotes, Images which is best from our side free for you. On this day all peoples throw colour to each other as the celebration but before the holi festival you need to update your whatsapp profile with above messages and quotes of holi. 

In this article you can get all Holi Messages for Whatsapp, Holi Sms for Whatsapp Status  from below the line and if you want Holi Quotes for Whatsapp Status then you can find all quotes for free & also you can download Happy Holi Images for Whatsapp Status so Friends checkout all collection for free.

Happy Holi Messages, Sms, Quotes with Images, Pictures, Pics, Photos and Wallpapers for Whatsapp Status 2017

Chalo iss holi par hum apke ghar aayenge aur khushiyon ki tokri bhi sang layenge, bus khwaish hai itni si, ki mein tumko lal rang lagaun aur tum mujhko hara – happy holi…
Agar mere kehne se teri saari khushiyan mil jayengi to dua karta hoon Bhagwaan se ki iss holi par tujhko meri umar lag jaaye – Happy Holi…
Yeh holi kuch khaar hai isliye iss holi par sab humare saath hai bus mil jaye agar jot era saath iss holi par to mera jeevan bhi sakar hai – happy holi…..

जिंदगी है हमारी, रंगीली रहे यह
बंदगी है हमारी, कभी न बिगडे ये
प्यार की रंगोली, ए मेरे यार ऐसी हैप्पी होली

खाके गुजिया, पी के भंग
लगा के थोड़ा थोड़ा सा रंग
बजा के ढोलक और मृदंग
खेलें होली हम तेरे संग।
होली मुबारक…

खुदा करे की इस बार होली ऎसी आए,
बिछडा हुवा मेरा प्यार मुझे मिल जाए,
मेरी दुनिया तो रंगीन है सिर्फ उस से,
काश वो आए और चुपके से गुलाल लगा जाए…

Holi Quotes

Rang birangi duniya mein rehta hai mera dost aur iss holi par karenge hum ek khoj, jab hogi rango ki bearish tab tujhko hum rango se nehlayenge aur khushi se chillayenge – happy holi…

Rango Ke Iss Tyohar Mein Sabhi Rango Ki Ho Bharmar,
Dher Saari Khushiyon Se Bhar Jaaye apka Sansar,
Yeh Dua Hai Humarai Bhagwan Har Bar,
Holi Mubarak Ho Tujhko Mere Yaar…!

Fulo Ne Ab Khilna Hee Chhod Diya,
Taro Ne Bhi Ab Chamakna Chhod Diya,
Holi Ko Baki Hai Sirf 2 Din,
Fir Tumne Abhi Se Q Nahana Chhod Diya.
“Happy Holi”
Holi is great as you are my friend,
If you are sweet then holi is cute,
Holi is nice and you are best,
Things only need,
Just the combination of holi festival and your my friends,
Happy holi 2017….

[#Happy#] Holi 2017 Images Free Download

I always feel happy whenever holi come because holi give me wing to fly in air with all colours of festival. Happy holi my dear friends….

Happy Holi Messages for Whatsapp Status

Happy Holi Messages for Whatsapp Status

Let the holi work best in your life on this time but care yourself from harmed colours in the celebration of holi 2017…

Holi is the perfect time when you have to forgive to your all enemy and hug them tight for celebrating this colourful happy holi.

Holi Message

Holi is the time to develop understanding and love for each other.
Here, is a platform for you all to renew your friendship and to express
heartiest love by scribbling a beautiful Holi message for loved ones.

Unfortunately, most of the politicians in India don’t need festivals like Holi to change their colors.For others, have a colourful Holi! in advance

Let’s make a bonfire of our negativity and bring a colour of positivity into our life. Wishing you health, wealth & sheer happiness on this HOLI

Happy Holi Sms for Whatsapp Status

Happy Holi Sms for Whatsapp Status

Holi is that time when you can show me or also you can express me your love by wishing for the happy holi to me and my family.

Happy Holi 2017 Images, Greeting, Pictures, Wallpapers

You are so cute and you are so caring to me because when I need your help then you give me at right time so on this holi I pray from God to make you success in your life and also all you dreams come true.

Happy Holi Messages

You have made my life so easier and happiness by being in it. On this Holi, let’s enjoy the festival of colours.

My holi wishes to you for being kind to me, I want to spend my time with all of you – Happy Holi 2017…

Holi is a best time of year to remember all those who love to us and close to our hearts – Happy Holi

Happy Holi Quotes

Mere Dil Mein Rahna Tum Oh Sanam,
Kya Karna Is Char Deewari Ka,
Bas Hum Jee Lenge Ek Dooje Ke Liye,
Chhod Denge Is Duniya Sari Ko….

Kis Baat Ka Marham Denge Yaar,
Jab Haal Hamara Na Jaane Koi,
Sab Dekhte Hain Upri Dikhave Ko Hi,
Mere Dil Ka Dard Na Pahchane Koi

Jabse Dekha Hai Najron Ne Aapko,
Inko Aur Kuchh Bhi Najar Nahi Aata,
Na Jaane Kaisa Kiya Hai Jaadu Aapne,
Koi Aur Chehra Isko Nahi Bhata….

Happy Holi 2017 Messages

Love means nothing in tennis,
but it’s everything in life..
Spred Love ….
Happy Holi

Is Holi Me Tere Galo Pe Gulaal Lgana Hai.
Tujhe Sunhere Rango Se Bhigana Hai..
Tujhe Apni Baanhon Main Uthaaa K…
Mere Honto Ko Tere Honto Se Milana Hai.
Happy Holi Darling

Some things cant be expressed in words,
Some people cant be lived without Love,
Some Can speak volumes even when words cant
So all i am going to say is I love u .
My Happy holi sweet heart….

So that’s all the huge collection of happy holi 2017 messages and quotes. Choose your best messages and wish your loved ones by sending these messages by various social sites. This website is full of various holi stuffs. Checkout other articles and share these posts with your friends and relatives.

Happy Holi Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Happy Holi Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Trust or love affection is bound with all colours on this holi so just celebrate this holi colours with you all family and relative.

Happy Holi 2017 Images

Red colour put on your hands and body,
Green colour put on your head,
And with the help of orange colour,
Make your life success,
Happy holi 2017…..

Happy Holi Images for Whatsapp Status

Happy Holi Images for Whatsapp Status

On this beautiful holi festival I don’t want to put colours on you face but I want from God to add more and more colours in your life. Happy holi…

On this holi may God give you power or your business go to the level and all achievement may you get on this holi.

Happy Holi Messages Pictures Photos Pics Wallpapers for Whatsapp Status

Happy Holi Messages Pictures Photos Pics Wallpapers for Whatsapp Status

You are so caring and sweet toward me and please don’t change your attitude for the whole life because holi is coming and I want to celebrate this holi with you.

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